Whether you decide to invest £250 or £2.5 million, our commitment to you remains the same. We understand that not everybody is as interested in the world of investing as we are, and that is why we have a dedicated in-house team of professionals who do all the hard work for you.

Sanktuary Investments was founded in 2016 with the firm belief that we could offer investors a service of greater value than that of large institutions – who continue to reap the rewards of high fees, to the detriment of individual investors. This is without necessarily providing the benefits of positive results over time.

Offering 0% management fees on all investments managed, our fundamental aim is to provide a service where manager and investor are both on the same side – working towards the same goals, and building trust in the process.

To date, we have been the recipient of numerous awards and are continuing to grow stronger each day. Going forward, we will look to grow our product offerings and expand the number of passionate people that we work with each day.

One of the most important values adopted is the notion of giving back. Remembering our roots means we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we originated from.

Meet the team

Just a few of the passionate people we work with each day

Christian Evans

Founder and Fund Manager

Christian holds a degree in economics from Cardiff Business School, and has worked in the investing world ever since – working in some of the UK’s largest asset managers. Believing a better solution could be offered to investors, our company was born in summer 2016.

“As a fund manager, my role is to ensure the fund’s performance is optimised and everything is moving in the right direction. With our clients relying on our team to assist them in building their financial futures, knowledge and professionalism is key.”

James West

Head of Business Development

James holds a degree in economics and originally joined the company as an intern. After believing in our culture and what we are trying to achieve, he joined us full-time. We’re glad he did!

“My role in the company involves attracting new customers to our business, whilst ensuring everybody receives a strong and consistent customer experience. If you have any queries, I am the person to speak to.”

George Preece

Marketing Executive

With a background in online marketing, George joined the team anxious to see whether his skills and experience could be tailored and used in the investment arena. It did – and now George is in charge of our core marketing operations.

“My job is to oversee all marketing activities – both online and offline, and help to shape the brand of the company as we continue to grow.”

What Our Current Investors Say

Stats based on our investors in 2017

Find out what people like you think of our service. Client satisfaction survey conducted independently (July 2017).

Already seeing healthy growth75%
Happy with the customer service96%
Feel confident in their investment long term92%
Would recommend to others82%

Our Values

What defines us as individuals – and as a company

INTEGRITY – “Doing the right thing”

Our team operates with a high degree of integrity, and approach every task with a sense of sincerity.  We place our standards as high as they can possibly be for the interests of our stakeholders. We can understand the levels of trust that is required from our clients when managing their investments, and the impacts this has on their financial future.  With the risks involved when entering financial markets, we acknowledge that every opportunity must be approached in a prudent and level-headed way.

INNOVATION – “Creating solutions for clients”

We acknowledge that weaknesses exist in our industry as whole and continuously seek to create and develop viable solutions that add value. To achieve this, we work closely with each of our stakeholders and deploy resources and utilise market leading techniques to drive our business forward.

COMMUNICATION – “Sharing knowledge and information is key”

The ability to communicate is at the heart of our business. We value the opinions of everyone, using their feedback to review and improve on a continual basis. By taking pride in everything we do, we always present ourselves with a high level of professionalism and require all communication to be timely, specific and solution-orientated.

DIVERSITY – “Realising everybody has something to offer”

We believe diverse terms offer the best opportunities for future growth. We actively welcome individuals with different life and educational backgrounds, and understand everybody’s voice is important to listen to. We promote idea-sharing and actively encourage collaboration to assist decision making to maximise the experience and service received by each of our clients.

CONTRIBUTION – “Remembering our roots and giving back”

We dedicate resources to help those who require assistance. Not just in monetary form, but also through physical involvement. We strive to generate a positive impact on the communities we are apart of, providing help where needed. We openly relish the opportunity to collaborate effectively with other parties for the greater good, and possess an eagerness to go above and beyond previous accomplishments.

We are a multi-award winning company

Best Business Startup 2017

Swansea Bay Business Awards

Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 (Finalist)

South Wales Business Awards

Young Business Person of the Year 2017 (Finalist)

Cardiff Business Awards

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