Join our new affiliate scheme and receive cash payments as a thank you when you refer a new client who uses our services.

About Sanctuary Investments

Our affiliate program has been designed for both individuals and businesses within the UK that wish to earn a referral fee for introducing customers to our education services. We want to reach everyone who can benefit from the educational courses and qualifications we offer, and pay market leading commissions to parties who can help us move closer to our goal.

A revenue share of 15% is payable as a commission to an individual or business that refers a number student to us, and has previously been accepted onto our affiliate scheme.

Becoming an affiliate is free and simple to do, but is subject to acceptance. Sign up to receive your unique referral code which is used to refer our courses to your personal network. There is no limit to the number of people you refer to us, and therefore there is no upper limit on earnings.

Benefits of partnering with us

Please note the affiliate program applies a fixed referral fee which will be discussed upon your application. The amount of fee generated will depend on the service you refer.

  • Signing up to our affiliate program is free and a simple process.
  • Dedicated affiliate team for additional support.
  • Our team will track your referrals in real-time and compensate you on a performance basis.
  • Unlimited earning potential. There is no upper limit to the number of individuals you can refer to.
  • Regular payment schedule to minimise the time taken to receive commission payments.

New to Sanctuary Investments?

Find out more about our story to date and what we stand for both as individuals and as a company.


How to join

Getting started as an affiliate is a straightforward process and is free to join. Upon receiving your expression of interest, we will contact you to discuss how the program works and answer any further questions you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us for more details.

Types of partnerships available

John has three friends who are interested in studying the Certificate in Financial Education course which costs £500 to study. John decides to sign up to become an affiliate. If all three of his friends enrol using John’s unique referral code, he will earn £225 which can be used to fund his own studies or anything else he wants.

Amira has decided she would like to study the first module of the Online Diploma (Introduction to Financial Trading) and her sister would like to study all modules within the Diploma. Each module costs £400 to complete. Based on this example, Amira would not be eligible to receive a commission on her course purchase, but can on all modules her sister opts to enrol on. Therefore, she earns £300 in commissions.

David’s uncle owns a business which has 20 employees. His uncle is considering enrolling each of his employees on a short course that focuses on mortgages with each course costing £50 to complete. Therefore, David can earn commissions of £150.

Education courses

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