Our corporate values define us as individuals and as an organisation.

Our corporate values defines us as individuals and as an organisation. We have built our business based upon these core values, and apply them to all operations we undertake from marketing to recruitment.

Integrity | “Doing the right thing”
Our team operates with a high degree of integrity, and approach every task with a sense of sincerity.  We place our standards as high as they can possibly be for the interests of our stakeholders. We can understand the levels of trust that is required from our clients when managing their investments, and the impacts this has on their financial future.  With the risks involved when entering financial markets, we acknowledge that every opportunity must be approached in a prudent and level-headed way.

Diversity | “Realising everybody has something to offer”
We believe diverse terms offer the best opportunities for future growth. We actively welcome individuals with different life and educational backgrounds, and understand everybody’s voice is important to listen to. We promote idea-sharing and actively encourage collaboration to assist decision making to maximise the experience and service received by each of our clients.

Communication | “Sharing knowledge and information is key”
The ability to communicate is at the heart of our business. We value the opinions of everyone, using their feedback to review and improve on a continual basis. By taking pride in everything we do, we always present ourselves with a high level of professionalism and require all communication to be timely, specific and solution-orientated.

Contribution | “Remembering our roots and giving back”
We dedicate resources to help those who require assistance. Not just in monetary form, but also through physical involvement. We strive to generate a positive impact on the communities we are apart of, providing help where needed. We openly relish the opportunity to collaborate effectively with other parties for the greater good, and possess an eagerness to go above and beyond previous accomplishments.

Innovation | “Creating solutions for clients”
We acknowledge that weaknesses exist in our industry as whole and continuously seek to create and develop viable solutions that add value. To achieve this, we work closely with each of our stakeholders and deploy resources and utilise market leading techniques to drive our business forward.

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Our vision and mission

Our Mission
To innovate and develop new financial solutions for our clients, whilst providing long-term value through their creation and deployment.

Our Vision
To become a market leader for financial services and become the leading financial institution in Wales, catering to the needs of clients both domestically and worldwide.

Women in Finance Charter

At Sanctuary Investments, our primary purpose is to help each of our clients secure their financial futures through careful planning. As an organisation, we believe in nurturing innovation and diversity within the workplace which forms a key factor in our future growth and success as a business.

Our commitment to diversity and supporting the progression of women across all areas of our business is demonstrated through the signatory of the Women in Finance charter, a government led initiative.