Become a financial trader via our accredited courses and move towards working in the industry in a professional role or on a self-employed basis.

A holistic approach to trading education

The purpose of our online courses are to provide a hands-on introduction to the world of financial markets. Throughout our courses, you will be taught by professionals how to begin your trading career from initially understanding how markets operate, right through to placing your first trade and managing a growing portfolio.

All of our tutors have worked in the world of financial markets, having built successful careers within the industry.  By sharing their knowledge with you, you will be able to put into practice the tried-and-tested strategies used by institutional traders today.

With any of our courses, you will be offered continued on-going support to ensure you build upon the knowledge you have acquired.

What we offer

Holistic approach

We are committed to helping aspiring traders and longer-term investors gain access to high-quality education that promises to deliver value. Created in-house, our independent courses provide a framework to start and develop your knowledge of key areas including analysis methods, risk management and strategy implementation.

Industry partnerships

Through our links externally, when developing a new course we work with leading experts in both the financial and educational arenas to ensure we cover everything needed to make you well equipped to launch your career in trading successfully.

Saturated market

Trading educators have appeared in their drones with the increased popularity in trading to deliver a part-time income, or full-time career. Through our experiences, we have noticed large inconsistencies in what is being offered to unsuspecting new traders.

This provided us with the motivation to launch our trading courses, and work to create an industry standard for trading education that covers all the bases.

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Education we offer

Individual courses
Each of our courses have been designed to provide a thorough study of a specific area of trading. With many seminars today focusing on covering everything within a short period of time, we believe taking the time to study an area in depth can be more rewarding long-term, and help reduce knowledge gaps. With a growing choice and range of courses available, studying an individual course can also demonstrate initiative to potential employers if trying to build a career within this competitive marketplace.
Mentoring Program
Skyrocket your learning and development as a trader with the support of our experienced team. Discussing topics like economic theory and technical analysis, we can help you overcome the steep learning curve many new traders are unaware of, providing you with a structured learning experience.

Our range of packages vary according to the amount of support you require. Each package is subject to a minimum 3-month commitment and aims to help you become a more knowledgeable and informed market participant.

Your path of development

We understand that nothing comes immediately or without hard work, and anyone who says any different is simply not being truthful. Everyone’s journey towards consistent profitability will vary, but there is one thing that can help speed up this process – education and learning.

During your studies, you will have ongoing access to our trading team who will be able to help answer any questions you may have, and reassure you as you put your learning into practice. For those who wish to skyrocket their journey, our mentoring program is an ideal solution.

As you become more comfortable trading, you will be able to compound your returns and therefore increase your potential returns nominally.

Creating an industry standard

The emergence of trading educators have risen significantly in recent years in line with the growing popularity of financial trading. Many have turned to speculating in asset classes like foreign exchange and equities as a means to generate an additional income alongside other employment, or to launch a full time career in the markets.

The quality of education out there varies considerably as there are no barriers to entry. Therefore teaching is taking place that is not based on experience, and is only very basic in nature.

We are working to create a trading program that covers all the key elements including analysis methods, risk management and economic theory. Each course is externally accredited to illustrate its quality. Using our connections in the City, we understand exactly what professional firms are looking for, and have experience of helping past students get their dream job in the trading industry.

Education backed by experts

Since we launched our education courses, we have worked with various academic and financial bodies to help improve the current provisions in place for trading education that currently exists in the retail space.

We at the Sanctuary Group welcome FCA plans to make trading education a regulated activity to ensure and maintain a quality standard that is not currently in place. Our focus is on ensuring our courses are rigorously examined before launched to potential students.

Partnership opportunities

We are always wanting to work with individuals and businesses  when we can offer something valuable customers and is mutually beneficial for Sanktuary and our partner. If this is you, we would like to hear from you.

To discuss a potential partnership opportunity in greater depth, please email or complete a request a callback form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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