Helping ambitious traders skyrocket their development through ongoing support from an experienced market trader. Personalised learning packages available.

Our mentoring program has been designed to help ambitious traders enhance their learning and development as a market participant.

You will receive 1-2-1 training and mentoring from our experienced trading team. Each member of our team has worked in a professional trading firm prior to joining us, and has significant experience across various asset classes. As a result, we have built a strong understanding of what is required to become a successful trader.

Everyone has a different journey towards profitability. That is why we work with you to create a bespoke training plan that is specifically tailored to your requirements and can cover any of the following areas in detail.

Optimising trading performance and insight

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Building a trading strategy
  • Risk management
  • Managing your emotions
  • Optimising trading performance
  • Graduate career applications
  • Longer-term investment strategies

An experienced mentor on your side

Christian Evans is the founder of the Sanktuary Group and has significant experience in the realm of financial markets. After studying for a degree in economics from Cardiff Business School, he worked as a Proprietary Trader at a leading derivatives trading company and as an Investment Consultant at asset manager, Hargreaves Lansdown.

During 2016, he was interviewed regarding his views prior to the Brexit and Trump election to explain his rationale from a markets’ perspective. Through his analysis being correct, he is now asked for his opinion regularly regarding large expected market moves. Interested in behaviour, Christian continues to research the beliefs and psychology held by traders and investors on the approach to large data releases, and attempts to build models surrounding his findings.

“I am committed to helping aspiring traders gain a thorough understanding of how financial markets operate. Education can go a long way in helping to develop an edge in what is a zero-sum game. Whilst there is no secret sauce or holy grail when it comes to trading, having a strategy that matches your profile can help considerably.”

Catered to different trading styles

Day trading continues to be a popular approach adopted by many new and inexperienced market participants. The belief is by opening more trades that greater profits can be made, but this is not always true. There are alternative time frames that can be more useful in providing traders with an edge, especially if opting to trade part-time alongside other commitments.

We work with you to build a plan so that trading fits in around your life, and not the other way around. Whilst for some, trading may be a full time profession, for many others it is a way of attempting to boost their income from a part-time commitment.

Catered to different trading styles

Day trading
Trading which involves opening and closing positions within the same session. Positions are held anytime from milliseconds to a full session, but unlike other forms – no positions are held overnight in an attempt to reduce gap risk.

Swing trading 
With positions held between 2-days and 3-weeks, the purpose is to be more active than an investor, but still not relying on noise within a single session in order for profits to be made.

Longer-term investing
Many of the strategies available today can also be applied to investment portfolios, just with a longer time horizon being used. This is because price charts are fractal in nature and market news affects markets in the same way.

Your trading journey with us

Understanding you

In order to provide the right support, we need to understand you and your motivations for wanting to trade. This may be a complete career move after finishing university or as a part-time option to supplement existing income. We will ask about your attitudes to risk, how much time you want to commit on an ongoing basis along with other questions relating to your experience and current knowledge to date.

It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner who is starting trading for the first time, or a seasoned professional looking to fine tune their performance. We have history of helping both groups improve their trading.

Build a unique learning framwork

The next stage is to work with you to develop your knowledge and introduce strategies that align with your answers to questions previously asked. If you have already started trading, we will talk to you about the areas you want to improve on and where you may already have an edge forming competitively within the markets.

Your tutor will create a bespoke report that will contain a full plan of action based on the aspects discussed. They will also help you make changes where necessary in light of changes to market conditions and volatility.

Implement and take action

Now is your opportunity to put in place what has been covered in real market conditions. You will work with your tutor to discuss you trading activity between meetings to discuss what you have done well, and where tweaks may be needed. In order to make meetings as useful as possible, a trading diary will be supplied that can be used to record information that may provide useful insights from your tutor.

Optimise and improve

With regular meetings and active participation within the markets, your knowledge and ability will continue to improve. By having tutor access, we aim to help hold you accountable to the decisions you make – something that is difficult to achieve without a strong support network when trading alone.

As you begin to develop, more advanced strategies and techniques will be discussed to provide you with a more rounded approach to your trading.


Learning the mechanics of trading is more straightforward than implementing in practice. Having a mentor can help develop accountability for your trading and ensure any mistakes made are stopped, and not continue as ingrained habits.

It is reported that between 76-95% of retail traders fail to make consistent returns. Whilst we have experience in helping improve the chances of success for traders, there is no guarantee of future returns.