The purpose of wanting to attain financial advice is to be able to put in place a suitable plan of action to help you achieve a desired lifestyle in the future. This is done by working towards your financial objectives by introducing a financial plan that is specifically tailored to you and your family’s requirements. As an organisation we ensure we gain a complete understanding of how best we could help you prior to making any product or service recommendations. Anything we consider will be represented taking into the consequences of such choice of other things like access to mean-tested benefits.

Any financial plan that is drafted will require regular reviews as circumstances can change over time. We can work together on an ongoing basis to ensure the financial plan continues to move in the right direction towards your financial goals. Where changes need to be made, we will make the necessary adjustments.

All recommendations take into account the tax treatment of such choices, making sure on a holistic basis, our recommendations are as tax-efficient as practicable.

Our approach to providing advice

The primary aim for enlisting the assistance of a financial adviser is to help coordinate you finances in order to provide you with a long-term financial plan to meet you financial and lifestyle goals. Financial security is the goal of most, however amid constant regulatory changes stating what is permitted and what is not, alongside financial markets that can be volatile, gaining sound advice is therefore key.

We operate on a strict ‘know your client’ basis, providing full reasoning to support any recommendations that we may make. Our free, no obligation discovery meeting is offered to see whether financial advice is actually needed, and we have previously turned business away through not being able to help sufficiently enough to justify our fee.

Areas of financial advice

  • Pension funds
  • Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
  • Investment funds and trusts
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Tax-efficient investments
  • Estate planning
  • Family and medical protection

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Things change, and so should advice

Over time, your circumstances and financial position is likely to change. Having an experienced adviser working on your side means we will continue to monitor and update your financial plan with you when required on an ongoing basis to ensure it aligns with the goals previously set.

A key component of the advice we provide links to the tax implications of any changes, in an attempt to ensure your finances are allocated and handled in a tax-efficient way at all times. Where changes to regulation occurs, we may contact you if necessary to ensure the plans in place remain the most effective and suitable for working towards your long-term goals set.

Things change, and so should advice

Our fee structure is designed to be as transparent as possible, and seeks to reward long-standing clients who have grown their wealth with us. The fees charged will vary depending on the exact service and personal requirements. We believe that clients should only pay for the work that is undertaken which is why we provide a full outline of costs (both initial and ongoing) when presenting our recommendations.

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