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Frequently Asked Questions

You can invest with us for as little as £250 per month

0% management fees means that we only charge fees when we grow your investment.  This means we have the same incentive as you for your investment to perform well.

Yes you can.  From Timbuktu to Buenos Aires, everyone from around the world is welcome to invest with us.

*Additional checks are required for US investors – contact us for more information.

Unfortunately we cannot give advice.  If you would like to seek financial guidance, please speak to an independent financial adviser.

You can get out whenever you want, but we would miss you dearly if you did.

*terms and conditions apply*

If you’re looking to invest with us, contact one of our account managers who will handle your case personally, making sure the process goes smoothly from A-Z.

Telephone:  029-2009-9003

Email:  contact@sanktuary.co.uk

Yes you can.  We offer a regular monthly savers option.

Yes you can, contact one of our account managers today and we’ll talk you through how you want to split your account into different funds.

If you know someone who is open to the idea of opening account with Sanktuary, send them our way and we could pass on a referral fee directly to you

*terms and conditions apply*

A ‘high watermark’ is the highest point that your investment grows to.

This means that if your account grows from 7% to 10%, we only take a performance fee from the 3% gained.

If your account goes from 10% to 8% and back to 10%, we do not take any performance fees as we technically have not grown your investment.

Fed up of low interest rates on savings? Let Sanktuary invest it for you.